Volunteer Buddying Consultancy

What is a Volunteer Buddy Scheme?

Two volunteersA Volunteer Buddying scheme involves experienced volunteers pairing up with new volunteers. Buddies support new recruits as they settle in to the organisation. A buddy scheme can ensure new volunteers are welcomed and guided appropriately. This can also relieves pressure on the volunteer manager and other staff. It can provide interesting opportunities for existing volunteers looking for a new challenge.

Informal buddying arrangements can work well in some organisations. But if you are relying on volunteers to carry out some of the work involved in supporting their peers, it can make sense to take a planned and structured approach.

A well designed Volunteer Buddy scheme allow experienced volunteers to support new volunteers in a way that contributes clearly to organisational and programme objectives. It helps new volunteers to feel welcome and supported, thus minimising the number of people who leave early on.  It offers clarity and sets boundaries for everyone involved. It offers a buddying role that is motivating and developmental for the buddy.

Our buddying consultancy can help you set up a scheme that works.

Volunteer Buddying Consultancy Programme

Our one-to-one consultancy programme will help you to set up an effective buddy scheme.  At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Plan how a buddying programme would work in your organisation
  2. Define the Buddy role and the skills and attributes required
  3. Recruit and select volunteers with the required aptitudes
  4. Identify the training requirements of buddies
  5. Identify ongoing support mechanisms for the buddies themselves

How does the programme work?

This programme comprises:

  • Three individual training/mentoring sessions, normally by phone, Skype or Zoom.
  • Learning materials and templates
  • Support by email throughout the programme.

Your Investment

The programme costs £450 inclusive.

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