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Dealing with Difficulties involving Volunteers

Dealing with Difficulties

In an ideal world everything should run smoothly for you and your volunteers, but here in the real world we all know that things can and do go wrong!

You may have a volunteer who for some reason is unable to do what is required of them, you may need to deal with personality clashes or a misunderstanding between volunteers, or you may encounter difficulties in relationships between volunteers and staff.

Good volunteer managers try to get things right from the start, so the day will identify some effective practices that you can implement to reduce the likelihood of difficulties arising in the first place.  We also explore the causes of conflict.

We then look at what you can do when things do go wrong.  A large part of the day is devoted to practical steps you can take to manage and resolve problems and conflict.

More specifically, by the end of the day you will be able to:

  1. Set and promote appropriate  standards of behaviour and develop a policy framework for dealing with problems
  2. Identify causes of conflict or difficulty within your volunteer programme
  3. Recognise how you and others respond to difficulty or problems and which responses are most helpful
  4. Recognise stages in the development of conflict and when intervention is required
  5. Identify your own role within the conflict, and base your intervention on an understanding of your role
  6. Develop a toolkit of interventions that you can draw on to manage or resolve conflict situations

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