Volunteer Management

01Nov 2013

A business case clearly sets out the reasoning for initiating a project or service, with the aim of convincing a decision maker to take action. You might want senior management commitment to a new volunteering initiative, resources to fund an additional staff post; or investment in training and development for existing staff or volunteers. To […]

29Jul 2013

Managers who can lead effectively create a positive working climate and learning culture, which in turn leads to high quality individual and organisational performance. Leaders inspire and motivate others to follow them towards a vision, rather than commanding them to do things For managers of volunteers, it is particularly important to develop strong leadership skills. […]

02May 2013

What does success look like from where you’re sitting? This was a question raised by Catherine Johnstone, CEO of the Samaritans, at the Surrender, Survive or Succeed conference in Guildford in April. Catherine was talking about the need to get input from all your stakeholders when planning for change. The Samaritans is a huge national […]

13Nov 2012

Do you sometimes feel your volunteers are more interested in chatting than getting anything done. Or you find occasionally that your thanks and praise seem to irritate some volunteers? Successful volunteer roles need to meet the needs of your organisation, and also engage and motivate your volunteers. How can you make roles so attractive that […]

18Oct 2012

What are volunteers to your organisation? At a recent training day one manager referred to volunteers as “the lifeblood of our organisation”. Pretty important then! People often refer to volunteers as “vital” or “essential” to the organisation. For some of you, volunteers are the “public face” of the organisation, for others they “make the engine […]

04Oct 2012

Do you involve your service users as volunteers?   When we ask this question, the answer tends to vary from “yes, very much so” through to “well I think we could do more to involve service users”. At Swindon Mind the starting point for volunteering was to help meet their clients’ support needs through involving clients   […]