29Jun 2020

Do managers really need coaching skills? Or are they just a “nice to have”? Before answering, I’d like to talk briefly about what coaching is. If you’re already very familiar with coaching, please bear with me. My experience in training courses is that not everyone means the same thing by the word coaching. So what […]

24Jun 2020

As a great manager, you need to create and maintain an environment where people feel motivated and inspired to do their best work. In other words, you need to become a leader. So leadership starts with you. The qualities and behaviours you demonstrate will have a big impact on the people that you work with. And the first question […]

29Jul 2013

Managers who can lead effectively create a positive working climate and learning culture, which in turn leads to high quality individual and organisational performance. Leaders inspire and motivate others to follow them towards a vision, rather than commanding them to do things For managers of volunteers, it is particularly important to develop strong leadership skills. […]

02May 2013

What does success look like from where you’re sitting? This was a question raised by Catherine Johnstone, CEO of the Samaritans, at the Surrender, Survive or Succeed conference in Guildford in April. Catherine was talking about the need to get input from all your stakeholders when planning for change. The Samaritans is a huge national […]