• Stepping Up Training - Bespoke Learning

Bespoke Learning

We can design a programme to suit you. Commission Maggie and Felicity and you have access to in-depth knowledge and expertise encompassing design, facilitation and assessment of learning.  Our services include facilitation of meetings and events, bespoke workshop design and delivery, coaching for individuals, and consultancy services for organisations.

Here is an overview of our flexible bespoke learning options, designed and delivered to meet your needs.

  • Bespoke management development programmes.  We can design and deliver in-house programmes based around your priorities and learning needs. These programmes are designed for first-line managers or team leaders, and will cover areas such as leadership, motivation, coaching skills, objective setting, performance management and team development. Typically we work with a peer group of your managers across different departments. As well as the management learning, this type of development can lead to a greater understanding amongst managers of cross-organisational issues, and thus help with communication across your business or organisation.
  • Facilitation of meetings and events. We can run peer learning groups such as mastermind groups and action learning sets. We can help you plan and deliver consultation events or strategy meetings.
  • Coaching. Both Maggie and Felicity are qualified and experienced coaches. Our coaching services can be commissioned on a standalone basis, or as a follow up to a workshop, to enhance and embed learning.
  • Short courses. These run from 90 minute bite-size seminars, to full day or multi-day workshops. Topics include: team leadership, leadership styles, presenting with confidence, managing difficult situations, influencing skills, managing upwards, time management, and recruiting & retaining volunteers. Find out more HERE
  • Consultancy. Our consultancy service focuses primarily on good practice in the management of volunteers. We can work with you to help you establish and maintain sustainable volunteering policies and practices.

An initial consultation is always free of charge. Please contact us now to discuss your needs.