Happy faces – the learners who studied on our Level 3 Certificate in Management of Volunteers in London this year. All eight participants achieved their qualification, and seven of the group met up with us last month to celebrate and received their certificates. Congratulations to you all on your hard work and achievement!

The turn of the year offers a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved over the past 12 month, as well as starting to think ahead to 2014. You probably take time out to celebrate with your volunteers, to thank them for their work and to acknowledge what has been achieved. Do you also take time out to do this for yourself and your achievements? If so, here are some questions to help guide reflection.

What achievements am I proud of?

These may be tangible achievements within your volunteer programme, but they may also be very personal achievements. Has your confidence grown this year? Have you stretched yourself as a manager or leader?

What have I learned this year?

The wonderful thing about this question is that you learn from both successes (What went well? Why did it work? How can we build on that?) and what didn’t go so well (What can we do differently next time?)

What would I like to take forward into 2014?

The new year and the sense of a fresh start can be a real motivator. Are there things you would like to leave behind in 2013? (for example, mistakes from which you’ve learned and can now leave in the past), and things you would like to take with you into 2014. What achievement or piece of learning could make a great starting point as you go into 2014?

Please share your achievements and learning below

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