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Do managers really need coaching skills? Or are they just a “nice to have”? Before answering, I’d like to talk briefly about what coaching is. If you’re already very familiar with coaching, please bear with me. My experience in training courses is that not everyone means the same thing by the word coaching. So what […]

As a great manager, you need to create and maintain an environment where people feel motivated and inspired to do their best work. In other words, you need to become a leader. So leadership starts with you. The qualities and behaviours you demonstrate will have a big impact on the people that you work with. And the first question […]

Success in recruiting volunteers and growing your team is usually considered a positive development, and indeed it is. But it can throw up new challenges too. The increase in volunteer numbers isn’t always supported by additional hours in the volunteer manager’s day! A common frustration amongst volunteer managers is that it is difficult to provide […]

Workplace mentoring and coaching are two development techniques that can be delivered in-house. Both approaches can meet an individual’s unique needs, at a relatively low cost. The terms are often used interchangeably, and there are some common features. However there are also distinct differences. Understanding the differences will help you to choose the most appropriate […]

It’s the part of the job most managers dread – dealing with tricky or sensitive problems involving volunteers. Problems are inevitable from time to time, even when your volunteering programme is well managed and resourced. You may recognise some of the following types of situations: A conflict of interest between what a volunteer wants to do, and what the […]